firebox detail

So what is it that makes our open convector fires quite so good ?

The simple answer lies in that ‘convector’ word – our open fires are at least two, and usually three or four times as efficient as a standard open fire. This means that with one of our open convectors installed, you would be extracting much more of the available heat from your precious fuel and therefore using less.

So that they can deliver this additional convected warmth, all of our fireboxes are designed as a ‘box within a box’ which is where this extra warmth is generated. They produce radiant heat in just the same way as an ordinary fire but also give that added bonus of convected heat. It is this natural convection effect which greatly increases the output you can get from your fuel as well as gently circulating the warmth more evenly through your room.

We make a wide range of built-in open fires as well as a selection of freestanding open convectors in both traditional and contemporary designs – for our freestanders, think ‘woodburning stove without the doors’. We all love the sight and sound of a real open fire and with our open fires there are no glass doors to worry about keeping clean, just the simple enjoyment of a lovely unimpeded view of those flickering flames.

and all this extra warmth is delivered naturally and quietly – no fans, no fuss, no noise, no problem!



As can be seen in this animation, all Flamewave Fireboxes incorporate a convection chamber. This greatly boosts their output meaning  you get so much more out of your precious fuel.

Cooler air from the room enters into the chamber at the base of the fire, represented by the green arrows, and is naturally convected around the back and top of the fire, gathering heat as it passes over the hot surfaces. This gentle stream of much warmer air, represented by the top red arrows, flows back into the room, having extracted extra heat from your fuel which would otherwise have been lost up the chimney. The red arrows from the heart of the fire show the radiant heat generated in just the same way as it is from an ordinary fire, but it’s that convection which really boosts the output and efficiency of our fireboxes.

As well as this significant increase in efficiency, there is the added benefit of a more even spread of warmth throughout the room as well as reducing that ‘hot front – cold back’ effect that many open fires generate.

The fact is that many existing open fires can be very badly behaved! – they’re difficult to light and will often smoke-back into the room. As well as making lighting-up easier, the design of our boxes means that the smoke, shown here by the grey arrows, goes precisely where it should go … and that’s up the chimney, not back into your room.